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Eleni Foureira - All I Need

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Song from the album:

"Ti Poniro Mou Zitas"

It's a long time that we try finding the lyrics to "All I Need" sung by Eleni Foureira.
Your effort will be much appreciated in case you think you can help everybody looking for the lyrics.
The music video from Eleni Foureira attached to this song, will help you with the lyrics. Thanks for your time.

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One song with the same title was found and it's sung by Samanta. We wish that's the lyrics you are looking for:

Sammanta :
your live soo lays two one a sindeys
two onw a mondeys ohohohohhh you have
soo five to got my since you to got my
son shine amazing: ohhohohohhh that's
going a got a show

all i need to nine my babbe
to one louser so round so falling
you one player yeahhh to gamee a murder
ohh ohhh 2x.

ohhh it's nigt it's grat
to one a diamonds ahhh we walk
o dor two one o gote's you are
a baybe's amazing ohhhh that's
going a got a show

all i need it's tonigjt my babyeee
to one louser sow round so so falling
ehhh you one please yeahh to game
a murder ohhh ohhhh


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