Ylli Baka - Korba Ceco

We are sorry but AlbatradePlus/Acromax have decided to block the music video "Korba Ceco" by Ylli Baka all over the web.

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We have been trying for months and we could not find the lyrics to "Korba Ceco" by the albanian artist Ylli Baka.
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Ylli Baka - Korba Ceco

Ben pjese ne albumin: Mall Nga Larg Vol. 2 nga Ylli Baka

Mall Nga Larg Vol. 2  
  1. Ylli Baka - Kenge E Djalerise
  2. Ylli Baka - Rash E Theva Kemben
  3. Ylli Baka - Korba Ceco  
  4. Ylli Baka - Vajze E Priftit
  5. Ylli Baka - Moj E Bukura Gjitone
  6. Ylli Baka - Orkestrale
  7. Ylli Baka - Kur Kalon Rruges Xhane
  8. Ylli Baka - Moj Mu Bere Pre Martese
  9. Ylli Baka - Mer Koburen
  10. Ylli Baka - Kenge Kurbeti


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